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Harnessing the New Opportunities the Metaverse Creates.


Aleksandr “Shurick” Agapitov is the founder of Xsolla - a $3 billion video game payments powerhouse company that has empowered the developer community with the tools they need to compete and succeed in the hyper-competitive video game arena. As CEO and Chairman of the AGP Family of companies in the gaming, technology, publishing and advertising realms, Shurick is proactively involved in shaping the future of commerce for creators across Web3 and the Metaverse. Shurick is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Once Upon Tomorrow is his first novel.

Born in 1984, Agapitov grew up in Perm, Russia, a challenging environment within the old Soviet Union. At fifteen, he drew upon his entrepreneurial spirit, strengths in math, and belief in the power of education to start an online currency exchange service, transitioning into the area of digital gaming and aggregation. He moved to the United States with his wife Yana in 2009.

Xsolla continues to grow its footprint across customers, gamers, and the investment community. Agapitov also carries a strong interest and investment portfolio in healthcare science and technology, specifically with life extension.

Agapitov studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Perm with post-graduate education at Harvard Business School, Wharton, and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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Shurick Agapitov’s Once Upon Tomorrow unpacks the sometimes vague concept of the metaverse and shares the opportunities that are and will be available within this new world.

Thirty years ago, the advent of the internet changed the world. For the first time in human history, the collected knowledge of all mankind was freely available to every man, woman, and child on the planet with the click of a few buttons.

Fifteen years ago, the world changed again with the widespread availability and adoption of smartphones that put the full power of the internet in the palm of our hands whenever we want and wherever we are.
As monumental as these advancements were, they were just the warmup for the change that’s coming next. In just a few years, we won’t think of “going on the internet” to look up information and find entertainment. Instead, we’ll already be in the internet, living, working, and playing in an endless virtual world that will turn everything we think we know about the internet on its head.

Welcome to the metaverse.

In Once Upon Tomorrow, visionary tech CEO Shurick Agapitov dives deep into this new age of the internet by unpacking exactly what the Metaverse is and what it will become. It’s not about pixels and computer chips; it’s a total paradigm shift what will revolutionize how people interact, share stories, create and implement ideas, conduct business, and literally live their lives.

The Metaverse will be the biggest change any of us have ever seen. Fortunately, Shurick Agapitov is here to take you by the hand and welcome you into this wild, wonderful new universe of opportunity.

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May 22, 2024

The Metaverse represents the next evolution of the internet, where people can interact with other people and a computer-generated environment in real time.



April 24, 2024

This book unpacks the vague concept of the metaverse and explores the opportunities it provides.


USA Today

March 29, 2024

In the groundbreaking release, Once Upon Tomorrow, Xsolla founder Shurick Agapitov takes readers on a visionary journey into the Metaverse.



February 28, 2024

In his book 'Once Upon Tomorrow,' billion dollar tech founder Shurick Agapitov serves as expert guide to the coming web transformation.



January 29, 2024

Xsolla founder unveils metaverse vision in Once Upon Tomorrow book


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August 28, 2023

A gamescom Interview: Metaverse Moments with Shurick Agapitov 


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June 14, 2023

Metaverse true believers say ‘I told you so’ after Apple’s Vision Pro Launch


The Metaverse Insider

April 10, 2023

A Portal To Different Worlds Through Metasites With Shurick Agapitov

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